Sara White


The Project

An iOS app for runners of all levels

My Role

UX and UI design

The Sprint app home screen

Sprint is a fitness app designed for runners looking to improve in specific ways. During onboarding, they choose one of three goals – run faster, farther, or better. Based on the current run data they provide, custom training plans are created to allow runners to reach their goal within a set time period. The initial scope of this project included just a handful of onboarding screens and a few key screens – the dashboard and run details.

A Sprint onboarding screen A Sprint onboarding screen A Sprint onboarding screen

Some screens from the onboarding process, designed to feel bold and quick but friendly while assessing how a person currently runs and how they’d like to improve.

The Sprint dashboard The Sprint run details screen

The run dashboard shows an overview of the most recent run and how the runner is doing compared to their personal goal. They also see a preview of their upcoming runs (or cross-training and rest days as scheduled) and a series of training videos from professional personal trainers.

The run details screen breaks down a run into easily readable statistics and provides a guide on how to improve performance for upcoming runs.

I’m looking for a full-time, remote design position. I’m also open to freelance or project-based work. Let’s talk about how we can work together!