Sara White


The Project

Tourist-facing ticket booking experience (spec project)

My Role

UX and UI design

The Trenitalia home page redesign

While locals are used to finding their way through Trenitalia’s convoluted search and booking process, tourists looking to travel by train in Italy know nothing about how the train system works and end up making mistakes, buying the wrong tickets, or getting frustrated and choosing to travel in another way altogether. This redesign of the English-language site makes booking train tickets faster and easier, ultimately reducing errors and increasing satisfaction with the overall train travel experience.

Booking a train trip

The route and ticket selection process was completely redesigned to make sense to travellers not familiar with the intricacies of the Italian train system. Travellers are no longer shown options for specific train types (most visitors to Italy have no idea what a “Frecce” train is compared to a regional train), instead choosing whether they prefer to see the fastest, cheapest or most direct solutions prioritized in the results.

It’s hard to know which train is best if none of the important details are clear or if they’re all jumbled together. The trip search results were redesigned to make the departure and arrival time and stations – some of the most important selection criteria for travellers – crystal clear, as well as the number of connections.

The search results and ticket selection process is all about thoughtful details. Connections are visually represented for at-a-glance identification, train amenities and connection times are detailed in dropdown panels, and the confusion has been removed from Trenitalia's normally confusing service level and ticket pricing scheme.

Customer surveys showed that tourists weren’t interested in downloading yet another app just to see their train tickets – they just wanted email tickets that clearly showed their train numbers, seats and carriages, and where they’d need to make any connections during their trip.

The redesigned email ticket provides at-a-glance information for travellers while also highlighting the PNR code, used by train staff to check tickets and make sure everyone is in the right place.

I’m looking for a full-time, remote design position. I’m also open to freelance or project-based work. Let’s talk about how we can work together!